July 19, 2016 Forbes Place

Problem-free parking

One of the big factors in renting a new home can be whether or not there’s parking, but we’ve got it covered for Forbes Place residents.

In Aberdeen, most city centre dwellers need a parking permit. This means having to fill out an application form and paying an annual fee for your permit, which of course, has to be factored into the cost of renting a new place.

One permit will set you back £50 a year in Aberdeen, but this can bump up to £120 a year for a second permit if you needed two. Which along with your rent and bills, adds a hefty chunk onto your outgoings. Not only is there the extra cost, but the process of getting a permit can be tricky in itself and you’ll need to renew it every year.

Dedicated parking for Forbes Place residents

Thankfully, parking is one less thing you’ll need to worry about at Forbes Place. Within our purpose-designed new development at Stoneywood, we have intentionally included plenty of parking which is entirely dedicated to our residents.

Each apartment, whether it’s a studio, 1 or 2 bed is assigned one specific parking space completely free of charge. So you don’t have to worry about getting the right permit or keeping it up to date. The spot is yours from the day you move in; no applications, no renewals, and no fees. Simple.

For our townhouses, each home has parking space for 3 vehicles; 2 on the driveway and 1 in the integrated garage.

If at any time you needed another permanent parking space, come and speak to us. Depending on availability, we’ll do our best to work something out for you. It’s all part of our philosophy to make your life easier.